Why it’s good to have girlfriends.

Too many times have I tried to explain to my young women the importance of having friendships. Too many times, have I sat young women down to speak about their differences and interactions with one another. Too many times, have i’ve seen these young women not only give up on themselves and but eventually others. So many times, that I get discouraged seeing it repeat itself. So this time, I have decided to share with you the importance of having girlfriends.



What are girlfriends? Well, girlfriends are a group of women that you interact with on a consistent basis. These are usually the first people to know EVERYTHING (besides your mother…maybe.) They also tend to be your back brace (support system) in your time of need, and you’ll never know the importance of them until you’ve had them.. then come to find that they’re no longer there. So while you have them, cherish the moments you share together and be the bridges of hope and happiness for one another.

When your sick

When your sick, your girlfriends will always have your back. They will try their best to comfort you, rather it be a visit or even sending you their love. They will be there.  I remember the time I had got my tooth pulled, and couldn’t eat any solids for a whole week! They checked on my everyday to make sure I didn’t miss a meal. I have never felt so much love.

When your upset

These are your best go-tos. They will lend an ear for you to voice out your opinions, thoughts, and even how you plan to go about the situations. They will make you laugh, smile, and maybe forget why you were even mad to begin with. They make it easy to understand the way of life, and the struggles you will go through as life goes on.

When your feeling down luck!

Its always good to have girlfriends when your feeling down. Having girlfriends can distract you from feeling alone and isolating yourself. It can bring you joy, even motivation to do more with your time and space. One thing that my girlfriends have taught me is the value of time. I could time my time, sitting around and letting things pass by…or… I could use my time differently and choose to be more productive.

Even when your feeling good

This is where your friends will keep you at your A-game. They will always support you and celebrate every step of the way. If your feeling good, your girlfriends will remind you how far you’ve come.

I thank these women for making me who I am today. Everyday I am reminded that I am surrounded by the most beautiful and influential people of my time. Never in my life was I able to say that I have such good friends, until now.

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