Wax on, Wax off.

Are you interested in getting a wax for the first time? Well, I am here to tell you your worries are all gone!

Last weekend I visited my local European Wax Center for my first wax at their location. Upon arrival, the staff greeted me and welcomed me into the salon. The staff was very friendly and asked if I had questions or concerns around my visit. They also asked if I prefer any specialist there on staff and even if I had any concerns regarding type of wax or products used at the location. Once I was welcomed in, my specialist spoke to me about which wax she was using and the purpose for using it. She also spoke about the type of hair I have and the skin that around that area (this day, I was getting a full Brazilian 😪.)

Throughout the process she spoke to me about things that I do and how it makes me feel. It took a lot of the pressure off! She spoke about her kids and how they were growing up! She was so amazing. At the end of the appointment I was said a friendly goodbye and see you in 1 month and it was done!

The pain was not as harsh as I expected it to be, but here are some things you might consider when getting a wax:

  • The amount of hair

If you have a lot of hair, you may find your specialist repeating areas over to make sure all hair is gone. You may also experience more pain due to the length of the hairs.

  • If it’s closer to your period

If it is closer to your period, you will be able to feel more pain. Your skin becomes very sensitive around this time.

  • If you’ve had a wax before

You may not know what to expect! So the pain may either be really calm or extremely shocking !

  • Knowing your pain tolerance

If you know you cannot take pain for a span of 15-20m you may talk to your specialist and ask for breaks (Which most will completely understand.)

Well, those are my tips and considerations for those hoping to start their wax journey! Please comment and tell me what you are doing differently this year?!


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