Skincare 101 ♥

As a woman of color, how much thought have you actually put into the products that you apply to your face?

Did you know, most women don’t use sunscreen to protect their skin? Let alone, will spend our money buying all these products to cover our imperfections rather than treating them.

As a black woman, I think about my skin all the time. And just as i announced in my Foundations for Brownies post, I have very oily (sometimes nasty) skin. When questioning my observations of my skin, I ask myself “what are some things I’ve learned about oily skin that I might have overlooked?” Well I’ve learned that if you have oily skin, that can either be from two reasons: One, your skin is so dry (or use so many drying products) that you skin creates oil to moisturizer itself; or your pores are so clogged that the oil your skin produces piles on top of each other creating a MASSIVE mess! Try putting makeup over that.


☀ Remove

Interesting enough, I find myself not removing my makeup or the oils on my face in the morning or at night. That can be the main cause for poor skin and application. The first thing you should do everyday is remove the makeup so that your skin can breathe. This will prevent build up and irritation. For this step, I usually use products that are oil based to remove makeup. Oil breaks ups the particles so that makeup removes very quickly.

☀ Cleanse

Cleansing your face is very important! It clears your pores so that ANYTHING you put unto the skin seeps down and penetrates. For this step, I usually switch between a benzoyl peroxide wash and a daily cleanser. In my case, I get occasional breakout dues to sensitive skin, so I would use the peroxide wash twice or three times a week, while the cleanser is everyday. Just keep in mind you are not trying to OVER-WASH your face.

 ☀ Treat

Once you have cleansed the skin completely, you are ready for treatment. For most oily skin girls, this treatment is you the pores. I usually choose mask that deeply cleans the pores (getting out the dirt, oils, and remaining makeup) and then applying serums that brighten and corrects tone.

☀ Moisturize

This is the one of the most important steps when it comes to your skin. After cleansing, you must moisturizer your face. If you are going to be exposed to sun, it is important that you wear SPF. Most people think “if you have dry skin you should moisturize, but if you have oily skin you don’t have too.” Both truth is, you should do it regardless to what skin type. Try using an oil free moisturizer, ones that don’t contains ingredients that add oil to the face. They come in liquid, gel, and serum form.

Now that I’ve shared my few steps to cleaner skin, I hope you can give me a few suggestions on how you clean your skin! Thank you so much for reading 🙂

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