Protective Styles : Weaving

Why wear protective styles? Welp, if your natural, wearing protective styles can conserve and protect your hair for every day wear. As you know, combing and brushing to stretch or detangle hair daily actually pulls it. Which means eventually you will find that your hair may be thinner and/or weaker than the last time you checked it. And if you aren’t wearing it in protective styles, that could mean that at times you apply heat to your hair (which can be damaging over time as well.) 

While wearing protective styles you don’t have to worry about any of that! (Well at least not daily for the most part.) One way of wearing protective styles are wearing weaves or wigs. Personally, I prefer the combination of both. I’ll weave the tracks and closures to create a wig.

To create this wig you must wash and condition your hair. After washing, I like to use leave in conditioner so that I don’t have to rinse again. I like to like my hair air dry, again I want to minimize the use of heat on my hair. I also brush through my hair before washing and after conditioning. After my hair is completely dry (which honestly is like a whole day sis) I can brush out my hair once more before my mom starts cornrowing my hair (sidenote: I can NOT braid). She usually ask what type of part I want (side or middle), and begin small cornrows going down from that part. Once that is done, she sews on a piece of net to the edges of my hair, so that the hair is actually sewn to the net and not pulling on my hair. After the hardest task is complete, we add the hair! The hair in this picture is Kinky Straight Hair by RosaBeauty, you start by attaching the closure first and once the closure is secure and perfect fit to the head; you can start sewing the tracks into the braids (start from the bottom.) When your done, I recommend not cutting or trimming the weave, because it will mess up the hair… unless your a trained professional idk. But this is the ending result. I wear it for about a month and a half. I am always going through the hair and applying oil to my scalp. The oil I use is Cantu‘s Tea Tree & Jojoba Hair & Scalp Oil. It is a dry oil, meaning it doesn’t drip, and it smells AMAZING I love it. I also use their Extra Hold Edge Stay Gel, which is great for natural hair.

Please share with me your protective styles and how you achieve them in my comment section. And thats all the chocolate chips I have for today lol.


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