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Lately, I’ve been getting A LOT of questions about working out on social media.

Most of the questions subject around “How much do you work out“, “What is your routine?”, or “Do you use any carbs burners or fat reducers?” Truth is, I just work out my natural self without using any burners, reducers, or anything that hinders me from just being ME. With that in mind, I do workout regularly and try to eat as clean as possible (eh..well, at least on my good days.)

But I figured out that most ladies (no matter what size) ask me these questions because they want to look and feel beautiful by being healthy. So today, I decided to share with you a few steps I’ve used to help me get started on my healthy journey.

Steps to Success

♦ Motivation

♦ Exercise

♦ Diet

Starting out..

The most important thing about this lifestyle is motivation. If your not motivated to make this change, you will not succeed. You must have the ability to say “I can do this!” and push through. You must also be accepting to know that some days aren’t going to be your best, but your going to make the best out of the worst days. The motivation has to be for you and only you. Once you have achieved that motivation to push yourself, you are ready for the impossible.

When it comes to working out..

I’ve noticed, I felt more comfortable working out at home rather than at the gym. Not because I feel pressured (or anything,) but because I tend to lose focus and never push myself when people are around me or “watching”. So for the most part, I work out at home.

When working out at home I use the Nike+ Training App with the Running App. I found out about this app from Kalei Lagunero, she spoke about how intense this app was and how it helped her manage her workouts. Once i tried it, I found out within that app you can customize your own routine and schedule. You can decided how long you want to train, what is your goal, and even how you would like to train. The possibilities are ENDLESS with this app and is designed to be tailored to you! This app is definitely made to love.

When you create a schedule for yourself, start off small and work your way up. Do not (I repeat DO NOT!) overwork yourself to a point where it becomes unhealthy and uncomfortable. Take care of yourself, provide yourself days to recover and nourish your body. After you have created a routine to start yourself off, try to challenge yourself each workout. Then, you are off to reach your destination!

As for diet…

I realize this is such a struggle for me, seeing that I LOVE food. But it is also the most crucial factor to determine whether or not your workouts will stick to you. To start me off, I have purchased two books to help me plan meals to keep them clean and simple.

These books are Healthy Cookbook for Two and Clean Eating Made Simple by Rockridge Press. These books are really great, they help you with finding replacements for certain foods and even give you more than 100 recipes for an entire day. They also speak about the importance of the intake of water and how you body uses it.  So I encourage every to read at least one book in your life that speaks about diet.

I’ve now shared a few things about fitness and how to get started on your own journey, be sure to let me know what you think and even any suggestions for the next one!

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