How to: Get Rid of Dark Spots For darker skintones

If your like me, than you are no stranger to those irritating battle wounds we all like to call dark spots. They usually come from acne scars that gets a heavenly amount of exposure to lovely rays of the sun. Typically, when researching this subject, I find many articles that suggest you use bleaching or fading creams to even the skin. However, those creams seem very harsh, doesn’t really appeal to women of color or sensitive skin. Nor does it promote a more safe, clean, and natural route for a gal like myself. So basically.. i’ve been on the lookout for tips and tricks to evening up my skin while getting rid of those pesky battle wounds.

The most important thing you should do before trying any of these tips is to identify your type of dark spots. Although most dark spots can arise for multiple reason relating to sun exposure, it can also be created by other health factors. So the key to succcess, is to always check in with professionals. Now let’s get in to these tricks.

Tip 1: DO NOT PICK YOUR PIMPLES! Although I am one who thinks they are a dermatologist (I have the extractors and all), I can tell you that popping your pimples are the leading cause of dark spots. Especially if you are not one for washing your hands consistently. And once you pop them, they turn red.. than brown.. and your scarred forever! Instead, try not to touch your skin so much and drink lots of water to flush out the toxins.

Tip 2: Exfoliate at least once a week. There are many ways to exfoliate. I personally do it by taking my eyebrow razor and shaving my face along with shaping my sideburns to collect dead skin. However if that is too harsh, you can use soft or mild scrubs and cleansers to remove dead skin layers. And if your more of a person who likes this done professionally try asking your dermatologist.

Tip 3: Use treatments. Now, personally the sound of chemical peels make me itch. But I would use treatments at home that are very soft to the skin and can even be used on sensitive skin. H2o+ has a wonderful dark spot corrector that you apply after exfoliating the skin. I also use pore cleansing and exfoliating mask as well.

Tip 4: Do no use your cleansing brush morning and night everyday. If you think deep cleaning the crap out your face until there is no moisture left, you have lost your mind. Drying out skin with dark marks doesn’t ghelp get rid of them. In fact, it might just irritate your acne even more. Your skin needs the vitamins bro. Honestly, it is best to use your cleansing brush every other day – once a day. And being very intentional about your skin.

Tip 5: Use A serum. Personally, I’ve been using Caudalíe’s Vinoperfect Serum and I absolutely love it. It is a radiance serum that focuses on the improvement of dark spots and acne. It can be used on any skin, and makes you look and feel like a rock star. My only thing would be I wish it had a better smell, but as long as the product works ITS THE BOMB! They also have a mosturizer, which I haven’t tried because of the price but it’s something I am willing to purchase! Which brings me to my next point…

Tip 6: Wear sunscreen. I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but brown women.. please wear sunscreen. It is so important! A lot of women think “Well, I am already dark.. I can’t get darker.” Welp, sunscreen is about protecting the skin from the rays.. not catching a tan boo. This is what happens when women have skin damage, wrinkles, sun burn, and most of all scarring.

I think the best way to get rid of dark spots (or anything dealing with skin, honestly) is to be really aware of what you put in and on the skin. To be really intentional about the results you want, and to make the steps needed in order to get there. And that goes for anything in life, not just the surface. 

Let me know what your tips and tricks for dark spots are!


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