Black Girl Candy 🍭

Recently in September, I participated in a beautiful collaboration between Rose Moroney’s Candid Ready Photography and Kiara Hawkins’ Nail Candy Nail Salon. Together, we acted as a team to support Kiara in creating her vision for her website launching of her nail salon. As we produced this dream, I started to think about the importance of  having an idea and what it means to help one another build to create something someone has only seen as a dream.

But quickly the realization that everyone isn’t going to support YOUR means and/or ideas pops into my head. But than I started to think about the commonality between us, I’ve acknowledged that we’ve all started in the same place (St. Joseph’s College), yet ended up is such various paths in such a way we are all still connected. And despite the struggles we may face, we’ve created something that is not only of value to ourselves but to all that comes into contact with us. As entrepreneurs, we have all faced the struggles of what we think we are capable of doing and assigning limits within ourselves. But I am here to say that that limit is limitless. And as womenblack women, you may be told a number of things you can’t and/or will not be able to do. Just because “it’s hard” or “too different.” Well guess what? being a black woman is hard and different! Hard, because not only do we have to deal with the commentary of the stereotypical black person but also the double standard of being a woman. Different, because…well that’s a list I am not willing to even bother with!

Nether-less to say, this experience was awesome-sauce! Something that stuck with me during this collaboration is the importance in having the means are to support one another in our endeavors, especially as black women. It was this reflective acknowledgement that popped into head as I watched my friend cry because of joy as she saw the images appear on the screen of the camera.

So, we’ve created this project that combined our love for what we do. Wishing that it inspire others to support one another in whatever-so makes you happy and have created your world around. We’ve spent some time only hearing our ideas come from our mouths, but imagine what it feels like to see it come to life.

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