☯ How to: De-stress Home Remedies

Stress has been a big component that visits throughout my daily activities.Especially in my profession; things like this tend to come up ever so easily while interacting with many different souls and personalities. In addition to that work, to eventually come into your own space and to instantly be bombarded with stressful moments. Sometimes breathing and mediating can be successful in those quick instances but, What do you do when the stress consumes your entire mind and body?  

Trying  (in reality – struggling) to answer this question, I come to try a few things to help me keep my mind and body balanced so that I am able to attend to the things I have to. These little tips and tricks I have gained are tactics I’ve learned from co-workers, friends, and family members. And hopefully, they will help you throughout your stressful period.

💡 Turning the Lights Off

When you turn the lights out, its like preparing yourself to go to sleep. In order to sleep, your mind must be balanced. Your anxiety and frustration must be cleared from the mind. When you turn off the lights you are reminding yourself to be at peace, distract yourself from your worries.

♬ Listening to Mediation Music daily

When I listen to mediation music, i usually go for sweet piano playing or nature sounds. It reminds me to breathe and to enjoy the music as I work. It also tends to help my students stay focus on any task that was given to them.

♨ Using a Aromatherapy Mister 

Using a aromatherapy mister has been a MARVELOUS addition to my tactics. It reminds me of a hot spring, where you would go to replenish your skin and absorb the steam for relaxation. While listening to music, it sets a tone of relaxation for my entire classroom and home.

☮ Using Essential Oils

Using essential oils are the best. There are oils for different moods and feelings. I suggest buying an essential pack that exhibits moods that you are experiencing. I personally love, lavender, peppermint, and orange.Lavender is used for balance. Peppermint is used for peace (also good on sore places – neck, back, etc.). 

☕ Drinking Hot Beverages

Drinking hot beverages can be very soothing, especially hot teas. Herbal teas helps the body stay calm and  the muscles in your body heal. Chamomile tea is known for relaxation. But there are many teas that are great for aromatherapy. You might even want to try Catnip.

Welp, we are coming to an end. These are my little tips and tricks for de-stressing. If you have your own little tricks, please share them with me in the comments!



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